02 August 2012

My Loli Wardrobe (2º Part)

Skirts , Blouses & Parasol

Iron Gate Replica - chiaki_ayumi

Black underbust - Bodyline
Music Note - Bodyline
Brown - Bodyline
White- Bodyline

Black - Bodyline
White - Bodyline

Rich frilled umbrella - BTSSB
Rich frilled umbrella - BTSSB

Old staff that I traded or saled.

(link to the picture on the name)

Blue Skirt - Shirley Temple
White Bluse - Offbrand 
Black Skirt (Atelier Pierrot Replica) - Bodyline
Skirt black & white - Bodyline
Skirt poodle in pink - Bodyline
Skirt poodle replica - Bodyline
Skirt sweet - Bodyline
Blouse Black - Bodyline
Blouse Pink - Infanta

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