07 June 2017

True Blood Dvd

Another fan post! This time the dvd collection of True Blood! 

The first season has 3 dvd cases and 5 cds.

The season's 2,3,4 & 5 has 2 dvd cases and 5cds.

The 6* season come with only one case and the final season (7*) again has 2 cases but both of the season has 4 cds.

All the season's comes with box and has a lot of extra material! 
I wass a little disappointed of the season 5 and her presentation. 
I always love more the group picture cover then the rest of the covers but the first season cover and the last one it's just awesome.

24 May 2017

Washi Tapes

Let me show u my new addiction: the washi tapes!!! I'm sooo in love with this things!
It's a adhesive tape with some patrons.

This are the most comun tapes, it's like the regular tape with pattern and draw. Nothing special.

This are thin with brightness but without setoff.

This are a real thing! This have setoff and are really thick. Are best then the other ones.

This is the real washi tape. Are maded from rice and is so soft.

They comes in different size and with different mt. They are a lot of different pattern and texture.

05 May 2017

Doctor Who - Home decor

Hey, the last (or at least for now) post of my collection of doctor who.
This time, home decor that i have in my room.


I have this 3 paintings on the walls.
The first is of "Ten", the second one from the doctor in self and the last from the Daleks.


This is a big poster of "the day of the doctor", I love it and it cost me just a little.

I always want to put it in a big frame to make it a painting but i forget. u.u


I have this 2 pillows on my bed (with other from star wars and harry potter) that i love because they are very comfortable and i really love the "doctors" pillow, with the 4 doctors and the tardis.

Well, i think that it's all i have from doctor who from now. I hope buying more stuff.