01 April 2018

Rol all thr weekend

This long Easter weekend i have plenty of rol party. I played doctor who, d&d 5, ins, inspectre, and a lot of cthulhu  and vampire masquerade. I really enjoyed! 

13 March 2018

Vero app

Vero is a new true social network that i found a weeks ago. It's really interesting, fun and full of options. I really like it and I recommend it.

Let me know if you are using it and I'll fallow you!

I desperately need the PC version xD

05 March 2018

My 30 bday!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday in a country house.

At noon we have a great lunch full of food. Luckily it was a great day, with a shiny sun and perfect to be all afternoon in the pool with a lot of friends. I really enjoy it so much that I forgot take pictures XD

But now, back to reality... bye bye holydays, hello routine x.x

27 February 2018

New SW collection

Since weeks ago I star a new collection: Star wars encyclopedia!! It's like the old encyclopedia but with the update of the last moves. These really are worth it, full of information, illustrations and for a good price.

On the other hand, a new collection of SW helmets came out. They are cute but made of plastic and the original price isn't worth it. So I just buy the first one and maybe I'll buy some other one in the future.