09 October 2018


This year i'm doing the half-way marathon, based on character of Lol. it means i'm only doing 16 draws.

This is the first round, you can see the next drawings on my illustrate blog

03 October 2018

New purchases

Last month i did some purchases! Yeay!!!

I've a new custom wand and a necklace from "Patronus Wands". I love it!!

Also, i found a shop in my city that made custom shoes for a very low price.
I buy it 2 pairs of simple pumps to used in Lolita and be more comfortable.
It has surprised me the great quality for the low price and i'm thinking to buy 2 pairs more XD.

23 September 2018


Yesterday was the "4° Harajuku Mad Tea Party".

We've a little picnic full of food and friends.
We really enjoy it despite the changing climate:  cloudy, sunny at times, cool but then very hot and heavy… crazy as f..

I choose a simple and comfortable sweet loli outfit.
Jsk, bow, glases and socks: bodyline.
Blouse handmade and rest off brand.

More pics on my Instagram.

14 September 2018

Inktober 2018 List

This year i found a lot of Inktober list to do!

So, i'm putting all of them here.

If you have one and want to share it, please send me your link.