02 August 2017

Magic Meeting '17

This last weekend was the Magic Meeting, a event base on Harry Potter.

There was a lot stand's and great merchandising, and full of fans!

There was the 4 houses and competitions, and guess what... Ravenclaw win the cup!!!

I went with a lolita coord. inspired on Ravenclaw.
Black skirt and shoes from Bodyline; hat, scarf, tie and a cameo of Ravenclaw and a bag with spells. (and of corse, a wand)

There was a lot of scene to take pictures, like hagrid and budnick, the 2000 nimbus, the plataform 9 3/4, some ghost...

Anyway, it was a big great event, a lot o fun.

At the end of june I went to the "Harajuku mad tea party", it was a picnic full of friends and good food.
We'll do another one on September, you can see the event here: Harajuku mad tea party vol.2 

Btw, the last month I joined to Instagram. I don't get it well but i try. You can fallow me as @Gothic_Gogo

07 July 2017

Lolita Sales

♥ I'm from Argentina, Buenos Aires.
♥ I don't make any type of Shipments. 

♥ No returns, funds or exchanges
♥ The items are clean

You can check my feedback on EGL or Facebook

All items and more in the album sales on Facebook Page 

07 June 2017

True Blood Dvd

Another fan post! This time the dvd collection of True Blood! 

The first season has 3 dvd cases and 5 cds.

The season's 2,3,4 & 5 has 2 dvd cases and 5cds.

The 6* season come with only one case and the final season (7*) again has 2 cases but both of the season has 4 cds.

All the season's comes with box and has a lot of extra material! 
I wass a little disappointed of the season 5 and her presentation. 
I always love more the group picture cover then the rest of the covers but the first season cover and the last one it's just awesome.