15 August 2018

Call of Cthulhu

Finally on my hands!!!!
Last weeks I but it this CoC manual, Spanish 5th edition (primigenia) from Edge.

It takes years to found out in a store here (7 years!! OMG) but I kept trying and here it is!!! Soooo beautiful and chubby, with great illustrations! It's just a masterpiece.

Yes, is the love of my life XD

More pics on my instagram: Gothic_Gogo

10 August 2018

New pencil-case

I was tired of having many cases for everything: pencils, pens, markers; and separated according to their class: water colors, permanent, normal....
So I buy it this big case to put it all! (even a notebook =O)

I was looking for some kind of box-case to put it on my desk permanently (not for travel), being organized and practical to use.
I came up with many ideas like wooden or plastic boxes, jars… until this came up on internet with a really low price. Just perfect!
It has many pockets and separations and is just the right size for all the things I own. Thanks to this I got rid of 5 cases and 2 boxes. Incredible!!!

30 July 2018

Magic Meeting 2018

This last weekend was the annual Harry Potter event from my city calling "Magic Meeting".
I went on Saturday alone to buy many things and help in the "Ravenclaw common room" with the decoration.
It was fantastic! I really enjoy it, full of people helping, decorating and make a lot of stuff to hang out. Full of blue and happiness.
Sadly we lost the common room decoration contest but it was awesome seeing a lot of ravenclaw students putting all his energy and joy.

On Sunday I returned to the event but this time with my family: my son, my husband and my brother. It was the first time there for my son and my brother, they really enjoy it and like it all.

Anyway… I'm very anxious for the next Magic Meeting. Go Eagles!!!

More pics on my instagram: Gothic_Gogo

18 July 2018

10 years of my blog!!

Wooow!!! On this day 10 years ago i made my first post! I can't believe it past all this time and my blog still alive! Lol

I remember i started with vampire topics, then Lolita and tea party, personal stuff sometimes and now added a lot of hobbies topics like rol, boardgames and shopping.

Has a lot of template changes over the years and little modifications.

Anyway, i make this post because it really surprise me!