03 November 2017

Open House Bs.As '17

Last Sunday was the 'Open house' in bs.as.
It's a event once per year (a hole weekend) that private building open his doors for free. Half of this building you need to subscribe before for visit.

This time I got the chance to visit 4 places: "El zanjon". Barolo's palace, a old hotel and a museum. It was amazing!!!

One of my hobbies is take pictures, most of all from places. Of course i toked hundreds of pictures, I'll upload slowly on my Cthulhu Photography Blog and facebook page. Hope you enjoy it!

01 November 2017

Harajuku Tea Party + walk

Last saturday I went to the "Harajuku mad tea party vol.3 + Harajuku fashion walk 9 edition", with Halloween thematic.

It was awesome! I was really excited and planned my outfit for week's. I made a red flowers headress and a "dracula-bat wing's" cape. I wear my red BtssB jsk, bodyline shoes and little black horns.

It was a sunny day full of fun. I really enjoy it.

16 October 2017


Finally!!! I wait a whole year to do this!!!

Yesterday we go to the "ecological reserve" to ride a bike and make a little tour to the city on bike, it lasted all the afternoon.
We used the "city bike's", they are free after you register on their website and use the bike whenever you want. ~I've to wait a year because my boyfriend didn't have his user.~
We have tooo much fun so we'll do it again for sure! Or at least we plan to do it every free time we have.

11 October 2017

WoD: El documental

Hace unos dias se estreno el documental World of Darkness, la película dedicada al popular juego de rol Vampiro: La Mascarada. El documental, dirigido por Kevin Lee y Giles Alderson, repasa el origen de los juegos de rol, el nacimiento de la editorial White Wolf y cómo se creó este popular juego. Además, repasa la influencia de Vampiro en la cultura popular, el auge del gusto por el vampirismo y la presencia de su estética y reglas en multitud de productos de entretenimiento.

El documental esta disponible en Filmin pagando un par de euros pero como siempre, aquellos que estamos fuera de europa no podemos verlo. Solo resta esperar que habiliten la opcion para los de afuera o que algun alma caritativa (y con habilidades...) pueda compartirlo.

Espero que lo hagan pronto ya que espero desde hace mucho por esto.