22 March 2013

The Changes!

Hi everyone!
I think it was time to make changes on my blogs, then that's what I did!
The first of all I change the name and direction of my illustrated blog, now name's "Chaotic Side".
As you can see, also change the style of both of them.

For "Chaotic Side" I tray to make them more... Chaotic ?? Well, I really don't know what I try to do her. hahaha But it is certain that I always want to make the difference between this blog and them. So I make them more "Dark Side", I like it but I think is too simple! Probably I'll think something later and make more changes.

For this blog I decide make more "girly". I love Sarah Kay so I used this lovely template. I think is a little sweet but not too much, not that kind of style you see and dripping sweetness. hahaha
Also I would make more small changes, I hope make all as I want but surely there will be something that I can't do! ¬_¬

OH! I almost forgot! Take a look of the pages on this blog (in the navigation bar), change most of them. In some small details like adding images and information. In others the entire structure, details, links, text...

In short, if i don't forget nothing more, that is all I can say for now. ;) I hope you like it as much as me! ^_^

Pd. Don't push me with English, I do the best I can. =S 
(and for that reason I don't write in English... this is what happen when I do! hahaha)
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