23 August 2013


Who recognizes the emblems of each superhero?
Try to answer without seeing the solutions ;)

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1º Row
Captain Marvel (Shazam), Kevin Matchstick (Mage), Madman (Image), Kid Flash (DC), Flash (DC Golden Age)

2º Row
Professor Zoom (DC), Doc Samson (Marvel), Joe Phat (Mage), Flash (DC Silver Age), Thunderbolts (Marvel)

3º Row
Captain America (Marvel), Captain Marvel (Marvel), Captain Atom (DC), Jade (DC – Infinity, Inc), Astro City (Image)

4º Row
Superman (DC), Superman (DC – Kingdom Come), Superman (cartoon – Brave New Metropolis episode), Batman (DC), Robin (DC)

5º Row
Gold (DC – Metal Men), X-Men (Marvel), Deadpool (Marvel), The Mark (Dark Horse), Fantastic Four (Marvel)

6º Fila
Kirby Hero (Mage), Thundercats (cartoon series), The Punisher (Marvel), Spawn (Image), Blackhawks (DC)

7º Row
Green Lantern (DC – Golden Age), Green Lantern (DC -Hal Jordan), Green Lantern (DC – Kyle Rayner), Prime (Malibu), Racer X (NOW Comics)

8º Row
Legion of Super Heroes (DC), Shadow Hawk (Image), Miracle Man, The Atom (DC), Tom Strong (ABC Comics)

9º Row
Ultra Boy (DC – LSH), Samaritan (Image – Astro City), Wonder Woman (DC), Spiderman (Marvel), Dr. Midnite (DC)
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