05 May 2017

Doctor Who - Home decor

Hey, the last (or at least for now) post of my collection of doctor who.
This time, home decor that i have in my room.


I have this 3 paintings on the walls.
The first is of "Ten", the second one from the doctor in self and the last from the Daleks.


This is a big poster of "the day of the doctor", I love it and it cost me just a little.

I always want to put it in a big frame to make it a painting but i forget. u.u


I have this 2 pillows on my bed (with other from star wars and harry potter) that i love because they are very comfortable and i really love the "doctors" pillow, with the 4 doctors and the tardis.

Well, i think that it's all i have from doctor who from now. I hope buying more stuff.

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