18 August 2017

Pokemon - Nintendo

Another fan post! =) This time "Pokemon".

I started since I was a kid playing the video games for Gameboy Color. My first one was "Pokemon Blue", then the "Cristal" version. 
After that the gameboy advance sp version "Emerald" (my favorite ever).
Sadly i don´t have the (physical) 4 and 5 generation from DS console, so I jump to the 6 and 7 gen. to 3ds version "X" and "Sun".

My favorite pokemon is Psyduck but I can find stuff about him so I go from Umbreon stuff then.

Actually I made a Lolita outfit (Kodona) inspired by Umbreon.

I have a lot of T-shirts but this one is my favorite.

Also I have a lot of old albums and cards of Pokemon, but I always forgot to take pictures.

02 August 2017

Magic Meeting '17

This last weekend was the Magic Meeting, a event base on Harry Potter.

There was a lot stand's and great merchandising, and full of fans!

There was the 4 houses and competitions, and guess what... Ravenclaw win the cup!!!

I went with a lolita coord. inspired on Ravenclaw.
Black skirt and shoes from Bodyline; hat, scarf, tie and a cameo of Ravenclaw and a bag with spells. (and of corse, a wand)

There was a lot of scene to take pictures, like hagrid and budnick, the 2000 nimbus, the plataform 9 3/4, some ghost...

Anyway, it was a big great event, a lot o fun.

At the end of june I went to the "Harajuku mad tea party", it was a picnic full of friends and good food.
We'll do another one on September, you can see the event here: Harajuku mad tea party vol.2 

Btw, the last month I joined to Instagram. I don't get it well but i try. You can fallow me as @Gothic_Gogo