25 January 2017

Doctor Who - Accessories

Hey! Another fan post! again "Doctor Who" theme, but this time I wanna show you little treasures that i have. It's not a big deal but i love this accessories.



Every Time Lord who travel needs one, this is my little blue box 
(don't worry, it's bigger on the inside). 

I don't know what material is made, but is really strong.

"Chameleon arch"

My own Time Lord fob watch. (yeaaayyyy!!)
It's really awesome!!! It's silver, heavy and with the gallifreyan inscriptions. I always want a pocket watch and when I found this it wass love at first sight. Of course I keep it hidden like every time lord. ;)


A necklace with the Tardis (it wass a gift from a friend) and I added my Sonic screwdriver necklace; and a sonic screwdriver key chain.
Nothing fancy, just a little pice of  Doctor Who that cames always with me.

Hope you enjoy it, next time I'll post the "home decor" of doctor who i have.

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