12 January 2017

Doctor Who - Books

Hey! A post from a fan girl.
Of curse, a big fan of Doctor Who. So, little by little I started buying books and cute stuff of the show or at last stuff I'm interested and not everything I founded (and that is really hard to resist).
Let's get started!


"El loco de la cabina" ("The crazy of the box")
Book in spanish, autor Doc Pastor, Dolmen 2014.

A great edition, with hardcover and really good pages.
Is a essay of all the show. Has a lot of information of the directors, actors and all the accesories with pictures and everything. Has the story of the caracter and from the chapters be saw on the tv.
So, has 256 pages full of loooot information from the show since the beginning until the 8th season. A very complete and entertaining book.

But, I found a little error in some pages, mainly names or dates. I believe this a printing error or I hope that.

"The dangerous book of Monsters"
Penguin Group Books 2015.

"How to be a Time Lord"
Penguin Group Books 2014.

This are defintely my favorites books of all.
With hardcover and color platificated pages full of images, just an amazing edition. The books are "written" by the doctor himself. The 1st(red one) by the 12th Doctor and the other one (blue) by the 11th Doctor.

BBC Books 2013.

The official miscellany, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who.
This book come out before the special edition chapters "The day/night of the Doctor", and that´s a shame 'cause with the information of this chapters it would be the greates book. 
Has hardcover but the pages are not so great, they look like the pages of the newspaper but a little more thicker. Has a lot information of the show but missing some season (the second half of Season Seven, aired in 2013).

So, it is a good book with some trivia, packed with facts, figures and stories from 50 years of the show, but not a great book, just another one to have.

Well, that's all. I'm try to get more books (sorry, addicted to it)
and another stuff like bag, wallets, t-shirts and I think I saw a
desk lamp of a Tardis.

And I just realize I never post anything of Doctor who in my blog before
and also this is my first post of the year, and started with Doctor Who is a great start.

If you have any questions of the books or whatever you wanna say, leave your comment.

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