02 August 2017

Magic Meeting '17

This last weekend was the Magic Meeting, a event base on Harry Potter.

There was a lot stand's and great merchandising, and full of fans!

There was the 4 houses and competitions, and guess what... Ravenclaw win the cup!!!

I went with a lolita coord. inspired on Ravenclaw.
Black skirt and shoes from Bodyline; hat, scarf, tie and a cameo of Ravenclaw and a bag with spells. (and of corse, a wand)

There was a lot of scene to take pictures, like hagrid and budnick, the 2000 nimbus, the plataform 9 3/4, some ghost...

Anyway, it was a big great event, a lot o fun.

At the end of june I went to the "Harajuku mad tea party", it was a picnic full of friends and good food.
We'll do another one on September, you can see the event here: Harajuku mad tea party vol.2 

Btw, the last month I joined to Instagram. I don't get it well but i try. You can fallow me as @Gothic_Gogo

07 July 2017

Lolita Sales

♥ I'm from Argentina, Buenos Aires.
♥ I don't make any type of Shipments. 

♥ No returns, funds or exchanges
♥ The items are clean

You can check my feedback on EGL or Facebook

All items and more in the album sales on Facebook Page 

07 June 2017

True Blood Dvd

Another fan post! This time the dvd collection of True Blood! 

The first season has 3 dvd cases and 5 cds.

The season's 2,3,4 & 5 has 2 dvd cases and 5cds.

The 6* season come with only one case and the final season (7*) again has 2 cases but both of the season has 4 cds.

All the season's comes with box and has a lot of extra material! 
I wass a little disappointed of the season 5 and her presentation. 
I always love more the group picture cover then the rest of the covers but the first season cover and the last one it's just awesome.

24 May 2017

Washi Tapes

Let me show u my new addiction: the washi tapes!!! I'm sooo in love with this things!
It's a adhesive tape with some patrons.

This are the most comun tapes, it's like the regular tape with pattern and draw. Nothing special.

This are thin with brightness but without setoff.

This are a real thing! This have setoff and are really thick. Are best then the other ones.

This is the real washi tape. Are maded from rice and is so soft.

They comes in different size and with different mt. They are a lot of different pattern and texture.

05 May 2017

Doctor Who - Home decor

Hey, the last (or at least for now) post of my collection of doctor who.
This time, home decor that i have in my room.


I have this 3 paintings on the walls.
The first is of "Ten", the second one from the doctor in self and the last from the Daleks.


This is a big poster of "the day of the doctor", I love it and it cost me just a little.

I always want to put it in a big frame to make it a painting but i forget. u.u


I have this 2 pillows on my bed (with other from star wars and harry potter) that i love because they are very comfortable and i really love the "doctors" pillow, with the 4 doctors and the tardis.

Well, i think that it's all i have from doctor who from now. I hope buying more stuff.

12 April 2017

Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Hey, another fan post! This time my favorite novels collections: Sookie Stackhouse also known as The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the True Blood Novels, is a series of books written by bestselling author Charlaine Harris.
The series is narrated in first person perspective by Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress and a telepath in the fictional town of Bon Temps in northwestern Louisiana in a world where supernatural beings exist, such as vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, faeries, etc. The setting is contemporary, and the stories occasionally reference popular culture.

* If someone wants to read the complete novel in spanish I have the pdf in my google drive. *


These are the 1 to 9 books, This is a HBO edition, not the original author edition.

The best of this is the cover with the character faces and the big size. It isn't hard cover but it's a good edition.
The bad thing is they stop it in the 9 book while the novel are 13 books.

Here are the 10 to 13 books. This is the original author edition. There are pocket size but has glitter in the cover and cute draws, without hard cover.

In this picture you can see the differents beetween 
the Hbo edition and the original edition.

Spanish edition

This is the spanish edition of my country, it supposed to release the first 5 books of the saga but I never found it, just only the 2 first.

The cover aren´t hard but even so are good, the problem are the cheap pages.

Off saga

Out of the principal books there is shorts stories (17 in total) and others books.

- "A Touch of Dead"
It's a compiled with 5 of this off-stories.
(Fairy dust, One word answer, Dracula night, Gift wrap, and Lucky)

- "The Sookie Stackhouse Companion"
It has the off storie "Small-town wedding". Also it has a great map of Bon Temps, the recipes of some meals of the characters, questions to the author and more.  I love this book, it's very complete.

- "After Dead"
It would be what come next to the 13 book, something like "what happen with each character".
Well I must say I was a little disappointed with this book, I was expected something more but still being a good book to have.

These three books are the same edition that the HBO edition.
Sadly the rest of the shorts stories they aren't in a compiled book. These were release in magazines or books with others authors stories, so I don't have it in paper (I've it in pdf and I forget to upload it, sorry).

Well.. It take me a lot to have all this books because I have to buy it in other country and sometime I have to wait to release some of them or wait if they don't have it in the store, but finally my beloved collection is complete.

05 April 2017

My bullet journal

Hey you reader! I've something new to show you: my Bullet Journal.
The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.
So, Let's start the explanation.
I made it all by myself (very handmade).
I take a folder, some fabric and lace and make a cover with inside pocket for the folder.
Then I did markers: annual, monthly, list and notes; and one cute for the front.
I took a old ladybugs mark and a ribbon to used as bookmarks.
After finished the basic diary I star to fill up, staring with the 2017 calender and the "Key" page.

I followed by with the annual mark "this year...".
I put it my future log and a lot of annual tracker: bills, mood, drinks and ladytime (femme stuff... u know).
Also a cleaning page wait to fill ut.

Then the monthly part...
I make a monthly calender on my pc and printed.
Draw by hand the weeks and some days.
And added a monthly tracker for sleeping, smoking and expenses.

The list, my favorite part.
Here I put list of whatever I need to follow, like tv shows, mangas-book's to read and movies to watch.

The last marker is for 'Notes' where I put ideas, quotes and other stuff.

Well, this is my bullet journal..
The funny part is: I've to make another one for my mom.

22 March 2017

Never learn

Unos 7 años después, tengo frente a mí una situación repetida. Con cambios de personajes, de acciones y quizás con algunas tiradas de pifia en los dados.
Pero nuevamente llego al mismo punto, y en dónde puedo optar por dos caminos.

Anteriormente escogí el más satisfactorio para el presente pero reconociendo el futuro perdido. Sin embargo yo lo elegí asi, yo elegí ese presente para tener aquel futuro a pesar de todo y fue lo mejor. Aún sabiendo que aquel camino fue un capricho mío de un deseo momentáneo, quizas hasta un error para terceros y a los que perjudicó. ¡oh! ¡pero si que disfruté de aquel error!

Hoy, tengo la oportunidad de volver al mismo error, puedo repetir la historia y arriesgar mi futuro nuevamente. Pero esta vez, con mucho más que perder y heme aquí con dudas. En aquel entonces mis acciones eran certezas, sin titubeos y en busca de ese cambio a futuro. Sin embargo hoy, no deseo ese cambio y definitivamente no de manera tan brusca. Pero tampoco puedo abandonar aquel deseo latente, el capricho, este nuevo error.

Quizas esta es la lección repetida que da la vida para aprender, aún ya sabiendo que se debe hacer y yo llendo por el carril contrario. Será quizás que esta vez debo aprender a dejar los caprichos de lado y tomar el otro camino... Quizás...

03 March 2017


Post n° 400!!! And i don't have much more to say about this so....

In other news, i make my own agenda. You can check-in on my Pinterest.
I take an old cover and pastel stickers, take a lot of paper and pastel with the cover. In last, i planned the inside with list like daily/week goals, notes and that stuff and make a lot of drawings with cute colors.

Also a couple of week before, I customize a new agenda for my friend birthday. It's in Pinterest to.

20 February 2017


El día de ayer, asistimos con mi pareja a la primer función de la temporada 2017 del Teatro Colon.
Lo mejor de todo fue que era concierto con música de películas.
Habitúes del teatro, nuestros lugares son los palcos. Se vio y escucho espectacular. Tocaron un montón de clásicos de películas, como lo que el viento se llevo, star wars, el señor de los anillos, entre otros.

Luego de la función dimos un pequeño paseo por el centro y una comida rápida antes de la vuelta a casa.
Días anteriores, festejo de San valentin!!!
Algo bien casero y tranquilo ya que al ser día de semana era medio complicado. Lleno de comida, con sushi por montones y chocotorta de postre. Pelis y vídeo juegos para hacerlo bien completo.

Mi chiquita "Ryo" posando con la rosa que me regalo mi pareja.

12 February 2017


Hey... This summer I go to Enri's house again. This time for 15 days with my boyfriend and other friend.
It's the same places from last year, you can see it in this old post.

We play golf, get ride in a horse (i wass sooo fucking scared) and swimming a lot. It was a fun summer.

25 January 2017

Doctor Who - Accessories

Hey! Another fan post! again "Doctor Who" theme, but this time I wanna show you little treasures that i have. It's not a big deal but i love this accessories.



Every Time Lord who travel needs one, this is my little blue box 
(don't worry, it's bigger on the inside). 

I don't know what material is made, but is really strong.

"Chameleon arch"

My own Time Lord fob watch. (yeaaayyyy!!)
It's really awesome!!! It's silver, heavy and with the gallifreyan inscriptions. I always want a pocket watch and when I found this it wass love at first sight. Of course I keep it hidden like every time lord. ;)


A necklace with the Tardis (it wass a gift from a friend) and I added my Sonic screwdriver necklace; and a sonic screwdriver key chain.
Nothing fancy, just a little pice of  Doctor Who that cames always with me.

Hope you enjoy it, next time I'll post the "home decor" of doctor who i have.

12 January 2017

Doctor Who - Books

Hey! A post from a fan girl.
Of curse, a big fan of Doctor Who. So, little by little I started buying books and cute stuff of the show or at last stuff I'm interested and not everything I founded (and that is really hard to resist).
Let's get started!


"El loco de la cabina" ("The crazy of the box")
Book in spanish, autor Doc Pastor, Dolmen 2014.

A great edition, with hardcover and really good pages.
Is a essay of all the show. Has a lot of information of the directors, actors and all the accesories with pictures and everything. Has the story of the caracter and from the chapters be saw on the tv.
So, has 256 pages full of loooot information from the show since the beginning until the 8th season. A very complete and entertaining book.

But, I found a little error in some pages, mainly names or dates. I believe this a printing error or I hope that.

"The dangerous book of Monsters"
Penguin Group Books 2015.

"How to be a Time Lord"
Penguin Group Books 2014.

This are defintely my favorites books of all.
With hardcover and color platificated pages full of images, just an amazing edition. The books are "written" by the doctor himself. The 1st(red one) by the 12th Doctor and the other one (blue) by the 11th Doctor.

BBC Books 2013.

The official miscellany, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who.
This book come out before the special edition chapters "The day/night of the Doctor", and that´s a shame 'cause with the information of this chapters it would be the greates book. 
Has hardcover but the pages are not so great, they look like the pages of the newspaper but a little more thicker. Has a lot information of the show but missing some season (the second half of Season Seven, aired in 2013).

So, it is a good book with some trivia, packed with facts, figures and stories from 50 years of the show, but not a great book, just another one to have.

Well, that's all. I'm try to get more books (sorry, addicted to it)
and another stuff like bag, wallets, t-shirts and I think I saw a
desk lamp of a Tardis.

And I just realize I never post anything of Doctor who in my blog before
and also this is my first post of the year, and started with Doctor Who is a great start.

If you have any questions of the books or whatever you wanna say, leave your comment.